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Learn 4WD Driving | Tow | Vehicle Recovery | Defensive Driving and more

Comprehensive 4 Wheel Driving courses available Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

4WD Driving course available in Brisbane district and Sunshine Coast. XDrive specialises in all aspects of 4wd Driver Training and goes the distance to ensure you get the best advice, learn and experience different driving techniques that will ensure you are not afraid to take your 4×4 vehicle onto the dirt and through the sand.  With vast knowledge of driver training, XDrive also offers you the opportunity to book various other driver training course options. Take a look, enjoy the experience that our 4wd driving course will give you.

To be the best driver you can be, learn from the most qualified trainer in the business. Read more about your Trainer Educator

XDrive safer driving course shares tips on avoiding accidents

  • Recognize pending trouble
  • React to the conditions
  • Avoid a collision

Read More about our Safer Driving Course

This Safe Driver Course shares tips and guides you through everyday on-road situations in a safe and controlled manner. In other words, “BECOME A BETTER DRIVER!”

XDrive 4WD Driving Course builds confidence when tackling off road driving obstacles

  • Refresh and Build confidence
  • Have Fun the Safe Way
  • Your family deserves it

Read More about our Off Road Courses

Afraid of driving your 4×4 vehicle off-road? We offer a variety of enjoyable 4WD Driver Training Courses giving you confidence to tackle 4 wheel driving challenges safely.

Fleet driver training motivates employees to drive safely and reduces accident rates

  • A fresh look at driving
  • Motivate employees to drive safely
  • Reducing accident rates

Read More about our Corporate Courses

With over 30 years of woldwide driver training experience, be assured, your employees are in good hands. We are Fleet Driver Training Specialists. Employee Road Safety matters.