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Advanced 4WD Course


We Will Take You The Extra Distance!

XDrive courses get you far more for your buck! Our reviews are testament to this fact!

Venue: Sunshine Coast and reliant on numbers, please contact XDrive if you are interested in participating.

You will be challenged throughout the day with excessive hill ascents and descents, deep ruts to maneuver over and in particular you will frequently exit your vehicle to assess dangerous conditions. Advance through obstacles with precision, acquiring confidence and determination will ultimately display the amount of critical judgement qualities you have acquired throughout the day.

This 4WD Advanced Course also builds on the skills that were learned by participants who undertook the XDrive 4WD Introductory Course.

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Intensive Advanced 4WD Driving Course

  • Informal environment of 4×4 driving
  • Advanced 4WD techniques
  • Suitable for standard 4WD vehicles
  • Drive up and down steep rutted hills
  • Use hill descent control, traction control and diff lock
  • Practice line selection
  • Spotting techniques may be required
  • Controlled use of your vehicle in a variety of terrains
  • Trip planning and more ….
  • Time for questions and answers
  • Receive a Certificate of completion

It is important to realize how imperative trip planning is especially in the event of a long overland journey.  Equally important is ‘Line Selection’ and the ability to find the correct path to take through or over an obstacle.  It must be remembered that correct gear selection can make or break your adventure off road.  Not only will you understand correct gear selection, but also throttle and brake control techniques are introduced into this course.  Spotting techniques may be used to assist other vehicles through the harder section


What to bring:  Your lunch and plenty of water

Dress: This course is held outdoors and as such enclosed footwear is essential. Take note of weather conditions and dress accordingly. Adequate sun/rain protection is advisable

Weather: Weather conditions do not normally affect this course

Advanced 4WD course hill descent