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Take the time to read what our clients say about XDrive courses. Understand the high level of 4wd driver training that is conducted on the day.


4WD Introductory Course

Stacey & Shannon B – Couldn’t have asked for anymore, exceeded expectations, 4wd aspect was excellent, brilliant experience

Henny R – Hello Stephen, Thank you so much for everything on Thursday. Although it did push me out of my comfort zone I thoroughly enjoyed it, and so did Clive. He was very surprised that there was so much more to 4 wheel driving than just flicking over a switch.
The adrenaline was still going when we left you and we ended up going left instead of right but soon realized our error, did a u turn and came back down the mountain without getting lost:)
My major disappointment is that I completely forgot to take photos. Nobody will ever believe that we came down that track and then back up one that was equally challenging. Lol!
We do have the certificates that you sent so that is our proof so thank you also for that. We are now in Maroochydore having a bit of r and r for a few days.
If any of our friends are interested in that course we will definitely recommend you.

Murray and Kerri G – Quality time well spent. Experience comes through & a good bloke! Experienced different terrain first hand. Everything was explained simply and patiently, very enjoyable THANK YOU!!

Tim V – Stephen will answer every question you can think of in relation to 4 wheel driving and your 4WD. Brilliant introduction course which tells you what you DO need for your 4WD.

Ron N – Clear instructions. Left with a lot of confidence. Essential training prior to 4 wheel driving or training.

Chris B – Built confidence. Gave a lot of helpful insight into the features and potential problems of the individual vehicles.

Varina N – Comprehensive material, quality presenter, excellent equipment and practical demonstrations.

Ella C – We worked from the ground up. The instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. I got to practice all the skills that I learned in the theory presented beforehand.

Bryce P – The instructors confidence was passed over to participants confidence.

Shannon R – Brilliant experience, educational, informative and practical

Stacey B – Exceeded expectations. The 4WD aspect was excellent and the travel advice and tips were priceless, couldn’t have asked for anymore.

Henny R – This course was full on but amazing.

John H – Loved it all!

Andrew C – Emphasis on the smaller but underrated facts made us both appreciate the knowledge and experience that Stephen has. The day was very enjoyable and we both learned a lot.


Tanya H – Very good training/trainer

Catriona S – Trainer’s hands on experience and has excellent knowledge

Jeremy P – Thanks for a wonderful day Stephen

Julie H – This course gave me confidence to enjoy my vehicle off road

Hazel P – Clear guidance from the basics upwards

Andrew W – Doing the course with and without car features – got the sense of what they all do

Cathy F – Learnt so much about our vehicle and also how to manage different road/off road conditions.

Jamie L – Seeing what I could do with my 4×4 I would not have done this before this training.

Sand Driving Course

Chris B – Great confidence builder. Plenty of practice of the skills, introduced in a gradual way. I was doing things at the end of the day that I wouldn’t have been contemplating at the start.

Rowena S – Everything was thoroughly explained before being asked to go ahead on the course track, including how and why things may go wrong, as well as alternatives to do the same thing in a different scenario. The course was absolutely excellent. We couldn’t ask for more. We actually gained even more than expected.  Thank you so much for taking us out at such short notice. We’ll take it slow and hopefully do you proud!

Jeremy P – Thanks for a wonderful day Stephen. It was fantastic, no improvement needed.

Steve W – Very clear instruction for soft sand driving and tips and techniques for all the different vehicles.

Evan S – Total advise on how to handle sand driving with practical examples of getting unstuck.

Kerri G – Very personalised

Marcia L – Tailored for our needs

David L – Covered everything we wanted

Phil S – Extensive sharing of knowledge and practical application by trainer

James P – Great instructor