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4WD Driving Course

Internationally certified 4WD Trainer and Master Tread Trainer for Tread Lightly

How we teach you off-road driving skills

On this 4wd Driving Course you will learn to adjust your eyes to choose the best route in order to keep you and your vehicle safe off-road.

We show you:

  • Important features of your 4WD,
  • Share our tips and tricks while you drive your vehicle off-road.
  • Teach safety practices of hill descent,
  • Explain important techniques of driving over obstacles and handling other off road situations.

As a result you will understand, above all else, that your eyes plus good judgement is imperative to safe off-road driving.

How we build your confidence

Furthermore, building driving confidence takes practice. Once you have completed this course, certainly go out there and put what you have learnt into practice. In time you can consider undertaking our Advanced 4wd Course

Learn to drive on slopes with the XDrive 4wd Driving Course


Always mindful of the environment, we build astounding off-road confidence on this 4wd training course.  Visualize and overcome obstacles, feel the motion of driving through ruts and over logs, not to mention your hairs standing up when confronted by the threat of slopes and trees so close you could touch them. Put your training and vehicle to the test as you endure the rigors of the off road track.


RESTRICTIONS: Valid Drivers License required

IDEAL FOR: Newbies to 4wd driving, drivers wanting a 4wd refresher.

Brief Course Overview

  • Learn about your vehicles capabilities
  • Choose your 4WD Accessories
  • Drive over obstacles
  • Experience ruts
  • Experience inclines
  • Ascend and descend hills
  • Learn safety precautions
  • Acquire off-road driving skills
  • Tips and demos throughout the day
  • Learn in your own 4WD vehicle
  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance
  • Informal discussions
  • Maximum driving time
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Australia’s highest qualified 4WD Trainer
  • and more …


Food/Drinks: Bring you own lunch and plenty of water.

Dress: Enclosed footwear is essential. This is an outdoor activity, please dress for the weather conditions and ensure you have adequate sun/rain protection.

Participants:  Min 2 participants Max 10 participants

Course Length: Full Day – The course is divided into 2 sessions, morning and afternoon. There is approximately 1 hour free time for lunch

Weather: Not normally affected by the weather

Learn From The BEST No BULL!


Client Reviews

Driving over the logs was a bit full on for a first timer. Some of the best aspects of the training was hill descent. Gained a good fundamental vehicle knowledge.  Ben 2018

Learning from someone with real world experience, not being rushed and having plenty of time to write, ask questions and practice was some of the best aspects of this training course.  Sue R  2018

The course was more hands-on than I thought and Stephen was enthusiastic and that makes it easier to learn. Steve D  2018

Couldn’t have asked for anymore, exceeded expectations, 4wd aspect was excellent, brilliant experience and excellent advice.   Stacey & Shannon B

Hello Stephen, Thank you so much for everything on Thursday. Although it did push me out of my comfort zone I thoroughly enjoyed it, and so did Clive. He was very surprised that there was so much more to 4 wheel driving than just flicking over a switch. The adrenaline was still going when we left you and we ended up going   Read 2017 reviews to find out  what else Henny R says

Quality time well spent. Experience comes through & a good bloke! Experienced different terrain first hand. Everything was explained simply and patiently, VERY ENJOYABLE!!   THANK YOU!!    Murray & Kerri G

Emphasis on the smaller but underrated facts made us both appreciate the knowledge and experience that Stephen has. The day was very enjoyable and we both learnt a lot.  Andrew C

Everything was thoroughly explained and why it might go wrong, as well as alternatives to do the same thing in a different scenario. The course was absolutely excellent. We couldn’t ask for more – actually gained even more than expected. Thank you so much for taking us out at such short notice, we’ll take it slow and hopefully do you proud!  Thanks for a wonderful day Stephen, it was fantastic. Rowena & Jeremy P