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Ladies Only 4WD driver training

Planning an off-road adventure?


Make sure both driver and passenger are equipped to take control of the vehicle in case of an emergency, or to give the driver a rest from the concentration of driving in off-road conditions. 4WD driving should be fun and as safe as possible.

Brief Course Overview

  • Suitable techniques for driving over obstacles
  • Assessing capability of driving up and down hills including hands-on hill ascent and descent
  • Learn about some of the characteristics your vehicle has
  • Discussion and demo on seat positioning, steering wheel, tyres and more
  • Certificate of course completion
  • You are required to drive your own vehicle on this course
  • Easy to understand instructions from an I4WDTA certified Master Trainer
  • You will be afforded maximum driving time and group discussions
  • Short Theory session and ‘hands-on’ practical experience

Be confident to take control of the vehicle if your driving partner gets ill, or is bitten by a snake, or has an accident.



Meals: Bring your lunch and sufficient water for the day.

Dress: Enclosed footwear is important due to the terrain. Dress for the elements and be sure to you have adequate sun/rain protection.

Participants: Min 2 participants – Max of 10 participants

Course Length: Full day Course with 1 hour free time for lunch

Weather: Weather conditions do not normally have an effect on this course