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A professional company founded on experience and the will to train people to become better drivers. Not only in the workplace but also in ‘on road’ and ‘off road’ 4WD conditions.

Based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland offering a wide range of driver training/education courses. We also train in Brisbane from time to time. For corporate requirements, XDrive courses are implemented throughout Australia as well as around the world. All XDrive courses incorporate the ‘Tread Lightly’ principals.  This helps to ensure our natural environment is not destroyed but instead there to be enjoyed by everyone.


XDrive has run driver training courses from remote Africa, to Australia, USA and China. In high altitudes, snow and desert regions around the world, and we have experienced the challenges and adventure of running driver training courses in hostile war torn regions for humanitarian organisations. With over 30 years experience and an MBA behind him, you can be assured you are in capable hands being trained by Stephen, our Chief Instructor.

XDrive is dedicated to quality driver training. A comprehensive range of vehicle based driver education courses and events is available. We train from basic safety defensive driving techniques to advanced off road 4WD Recovery training.

Our ‘hands on’ approach incorporates what we believe to be the first TAD Driver Education System, unique to XDrive.

Contact us and find out why TAD is so important for driver training education. 

We can open the door to a better driving experience for you.

We are trained to lead

G-Wagon Driver Training

Corporate Driver Training

Our tailor designed corporate driver training and e-Training online courses are popular with companies complying with Health and Safety regulations.

I4WDTA Master Trainer Badge

Your Trainer is fully qualified

In 2010 we qualified with an I4WDTA certification. I4WDTA is the only 4WD Training Association in the world that requires members to pass both a written and practical exam in order to become a certified 4WD Instructor and Qualified Educator.

XDrive is dedicated to a high level of driver training.

XDrive’s chief instructor has achieved the necessary qualification in order to lead and guide other like-minded people through our beautiful country, Australia, without damaging the environment, or impacting on other recreational users.

Tread Lightly Trainer Australia

This is an important initiative, which will have future implications for all recreational users of the outdoors.