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Corporate Sponsors


“THANK YOU” to XDrive Corporate Sponsors

We could not run such successful Driver Training Programs without you.

XDrive advanced driver training works closely with Corporate Sponsors throughout Australia.  We act as a “Brand Ambassador” promoting the products, their value and dealer networks. Therefore, we only partner with sponsors whose products we have tested and trust.  By incorporating these products into our training programs, our clients can see the products in action.  It is a well known marketing phenomena that people are more inclined to purchase a product that they have used or worked with.  We can assist our Corporate Sponsors to open up a market which they may not have tapped into previously.

Max TraxWe demonstrate and use the products on our courses and point clients to their nearest dealership.  In some cases we also stock and sell the products.

Advertising in the form of promotional brochures, website advertising, product blogging and branding on our training vehicles is available.

XDrive welcomes other Corporate Sponsors the opportunity to contact us to discuss working with your company.

Contact XDrive if you would like your Company to be considered as an XDrive Corporate  Sponsor.