XDrive 4WD Course Reviews 2022

I have been driving for 20 plus years and I learnt better driving information within the first 15 minutes.

Thoroughly enjoyed and learnt sooo much.

Suzieanne B / 2022

Stephen’s knowledge of our vehicle was extremely helpful. His knowledge of four wheel driving even better. I feel confident now to head out on adventures with my family and friends.

Claire D / 2022

Absolutely Fantastic Day

Learnt so much and feel so much more confident in our new 4WD.

Janet B / 2022

Fabulous Course

Well targeted to level. Fantastic explanations and guidance. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to all people interested in 4WDriving. Thank you!

Olivia S / 2022

Dan and I had a fantastic day. Despite being a complete 4WD beginner, I immediately felt in safe hands. Stephen is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and an encouraging trainer. He tailored the course to us completely, relating it to our upcoming trip to Botswana, including first-hand experiences and tips from his own experiences in Africa.

Liz F / 2022


Met my expectation and personal tuition most helpful for a complete novice.

Julie S / 2022

The course was unbelievable in terms of learning not only the skills and capabilities of your car but also yourself. Pushing your own limits is a huge part of this course and I enjoyed every aspect of it. Was an awesome experience.

Zanden J / 2022


Can’t wait for the next course.

Sam H / 2022

A Great Day Out

So informative and hands on! Steve is an excellent trainer.

Trisha Q / 2022

We learnt more about our car and how to drive it than I thought was possible! I now ave a lot more confidence in the car and techniques to be able to use it in many different scenarios off road.

Sara C / 2022


Brilliant and comprehensive course. Provided my wife and I, the confidence to utilise our new Prado to its full potential.

Brett N / 2022

Great Day

So informative and extended us outside our comfort zones. Thank you

Sarah W / 2022

Do This Course You Will Love It!!!

EXCELLENT. Patient beyond belief, understanding, articulate. Stephen is brilliant and his knowledge is incredible. Do this course, you will love it!!!

Warren S / 2022

Great Course!

Lots of fun and learnt a lot about my vehicle! Steve was fantastic!

David B / 2022

Excellent Course Worth it

Learned heaps

Dan F / 2022

Excellent course

Very informative and made us feel confident to start taking it out on adventures

Courtney Mc / 2022

Absolutely Perfect

Gained heaps of confidence with the vehicle and learnt so much great and helpful information.

Justin J / 2022

The one-on-one aspect of it was fabulous. Stephen de-briefed at a level that was perfectly matched to our needs. He contextualised it for my unique needs. Excellent. Highly Recommended.

Michael J / 2022

A Great Day

Real adventure. Enjoyed it

Allan D / 2022

Fantastic Day

Stephen is fabulous. Learnt so much, very encouraging. Thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Donna J / 2022


Stephen is a wealth f knowledge and was able to demonstrate the true capabilities of our vehicle. A fantastic day in which we were taken completely out of our comfort zone but all within Stephen’s ‘safe’ hands.

Tonya N / 2022

Really enjoyable and informative course. Thanks Stephen

John B / 2022

Thank you Stephen, great day’s training.

David W / 2022

Amazing Experience

Learnt more than expected. Would love to do more! Thanks so much to Terri too.

Richelle S / 2022

Extremely knowledgeable, information relevant and learning at a suitable pace for retention of information.

Maria C / 2022

Having an expert explain and demonstrate my vehicle’s properties was the best way to learn.

Tim L / 2022

Amazing experience to have

Fun and educational.

Jack H / 2022

Great Presenter

Really built my confidence with trails and 4 wheel driving that would normally be out of my comfort zone.

Kirsten H / 2022

Drove beyond my wildest dreams

Felt safe despite thinking I wouldn’t be able to do the track. Drove beyond my wildest dreams.

Simone M / 2022

Learnt a lot about how a 4×4 vehicle works. High quality instruction and insights from Steve.

Greg J / 2022

Excellent introduction to off road driving

Started with the basics then built confidence in using all features of the vehicle,

Steven B / 2022