XDrive 4WD Course Reviews

Trainer is very knowledgeable and gave me expert advice.

Craig D / 4WD Intro Course

The trainer has a wealth of knowledge. Enjoyed the 4WD Tracks

Stefon L / 4WD Intro Course

Hands on practice was the best

Nina P / 4WD Intro Course

Very good course. Nicely shown how to use my vehicle.

Peter E / 4WD Intro Course

Very much more than I expected. A lot of high value information regarding vehicles and terrain. Great practical time to use the info straight away. Honestly, course was great.

David M / 4WD Intro Course

The trainer has so much experience and knowledge. Enjoyed the tips the trainer gave me about my 4wd

David G / 4WD Intro Course

I thought it was a great mix of theory and practical.

Michelle B / 4WD Intro Course

I learnt much more about my vehicle than I knew. Very satisfied.

David S / 4WD Intro Course

There is heaps of info online BUT from XDrive and Stephen you have information coming from an authority

Glenn V / 4WD Intro Course

The amount of people on the course was great. Information and skills learned that were able to be applied on the day was great.

Martha F / 4WD Intro Course

Excellent practical evaluation of own car and advice. Good practical tips and visual demonstrations.

Marie G / 4WD Intro Course

Stephen had an excellent knowledge of my vehicle. I’d like to repeat the practical exercises, the rain was an issue. (The tracks used didn’t replicate what I’ve encountered in reality)

John L / 4WD Intro Course

Hello Stephen, Thank you so much for everything on Thursday. Although it did push me out of my comfort zone I thoroughly enjoyed it, and so did Clive. He was very surprised that there was so much more to 4 wheel driving than just flicking over a switch. The adrenaline was still going when we left you and we ended up going left instead of right but soon realized our error, did a u turn and came back down the mountain without getting lost:) My major disappointment is that I completely forgot to take photos. Nobody will ever believe that we came down that track and then back up one that was equally challenging. Lol!
We do have the certificates that you sent so that is our proof so thank you also for that. We are now in Maroochydore having a bit of r and r for a few days.
If any of our friends are interested in that course we will definitely recommend you.

Henny R

The knowledge and experience and Stephen’s ability to transfer his knowledge to the participants so they understood the capability of our vehicle. I don’t think this course could be improved. It was tailored to our experience, needs and vehicle. FANTASTIC!

Denise O

The practical component made me feel more confident and the theoretical side was good for learning more of the capabilities of my car. Lots of good tips. Would recommend. Practical and clear explanations. Really enjoyed our one-on-one training session and feel confident to start 4W driving!

Ian and Simone K

I really enjoyed this course and have no constructive criticism. Great practical real-world situations and demonstrations of best strategies to deal with these.

Kye and Taryn M

This course was better than expected. Very enjoyable and informative.

Fred T

Emphasis on the smaller but underrated facts made us both appreciate the knowledge and experience that Stephen has. The day was very enjoyable and we both learned a lot.

Andrew C

XDrive Sand Driving Course Reviews

Enjoyed the hands-on side of the course and the discussions throughout the course.

Peter B

Enjoyed learning recovery techniques, trainer was good.

Thomas N

Lots of practical experience. Stephen gave a lot of tips. It was useful to learn recovery techniques.

Mark M


Really great course, looking forward to your book.

Glenn V

Very practical and solution focused course.

Dennis G

Great confidence builder. Plenty of practice of the skills, introduced in a gradual way. I was doing things at the end of the day that I wouldn’t have been contemplating at the start.

Chris B

Everything was thoroughly explained before being asked to go ahead on the course track, including how and why things may go wrong, as well as alternatives to do the same thing in a different scenario. The course was absolutely excellent. We couldn’t ask for more. We actually gained even more than expected.  Thank you so much for taking us out at such short notice. We’ll take it slow and hopefully do you proud!

Rowena S

Thanks for a wonderful day Stephen. It was fantastic, no improvement needed.

Jeremy P

Very clear instruction for soft sand driving and tips and techniques for all the different vehicles.

Steve W 

Total advise on how to handle sand driving with practical examples of getting unstuck.

Evan S

Extensive sharing of knowledge and practical application by trainer

Phil S

Winch Recovery Course Reviews

Best aspect was winching up hillside. Course was great. Stephen imparted so much knowledge, answered all our questions and gave us confidence to try things we wouldn’t normally try. Great information regarding car maintenance.

Andrew & Kylie H

The course construction was extremely well organised and run. The practical experience provided, detailed explanations by the trainer and the overall aspects undertaken were total professionalism by the Trainer – Well Done.

Graham B

I learnt things that will help in any number of situations and Stephen’s way of teaching and his patience.

Anthony S

Best aspect of the course was the winch recovery in reverse

Oliver M

Land Rover Course Reviews

Great training and mix of practical and explanations with real hill opportunity. Very knowledgable trainer.

Del K

Excellent overview of Land Rover Discovery.

David P

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Enjoyed learning how to really execute the things which was taught and try them out. Pleasant and clear explanations.

Jan V

I would never have believed my vehicle could do the hill climb. Great finding out how capable the Freelander II really is.

David B