XDrive 4WD Course Reviews 2021


I have never driven a 4WD before and was very nervous. Very thorough instructions and information. I now understand the different components of the car and am confident that I now have the knowlede to let the car work as it should and keep us safe on our future adventures.


Megan P / December 2021

This course should be included with the purchase of any new 4wd!

Awesome teaching

Antony W / November 2021

The Course Was Fantastic – Well Worth The Time & Money

Stephen was very helpful and encouraging to us, especially when we were a bit nervous. Thanks for a great day.Stephen made this course interesting and his instructions were easy to follow. As a novice I started out nervous but by the end I felt confident that I could use the skills learnt and have the knowledge and know what to look for before taking to the track.

Joanne & Kay G / July 2021

Fabulous introduction

Stephen is highly knowledgable and instructions were really clear with great examples.

Jackie N / September 2021

What A Fantastic Day!

What a fantastic day in the bush with Stephen. Learnt so much about how to 4WD and the amazing capacity of my 200 series, I had no idea. Can’t recommend Stephen enough, such an enjoyable and exciting experience.I’ll be back for the sand course! Thank you – Stephen

Keith M / July 2021


My partner and I booked in for the introductory 4wd course as we are new to owning a 4wd. We had hoped that we would leave with enough knowledge to tackle some of Australia’s off-road tracks BUT we left with so much more than that. Stephen was a wonderful teacher, he truly is an expert. He taught us all about our vehicle, how she works, how to check and maintain her, he gave us practical tips for travelling, and most importantly he gave us the confidence to get out there and explore. I can’t rave about this course enough! Thank you!

Cassie Smythe / August 2021

Stephen’s knowledge was exceptional and he catered his information to meet my needs.

If you’re doing any four wheel driving I highly recommend doing this course.

Guy C / November 2021

Informative Day

Very detailed explanations about capabilities of car and different steps to consider.

Hans P / September 2021

Essential Course for Novices

Extremely informative course | Essential course for novices | Thoroughly enjoyable | Highly recommend

Michael C / August 2021

Highly Recommend

Great experience – practical and theory. Stephen was a great instructor, excellent introduction.

Michelle W / July 2021


Had a great time and learned so much. Loved it.

Dimity L / June 21

Stephen is a great trainer. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He imparts his knowledge very well and is a thoroughly nice person as well. I would highly recommend him as a 4WD trainer.

Robert B / May 2021

I recommend this course for All

Stephen is knowledgable and highly experienced, but is able to convey this in a ‘simple to understand’ manner.It was invaluable to be able to put the theory into practice. (First Time Off-Road)

Mark C Y / April 2021

Definately Recommend

Geoff O / April 2021

Excellent day, learnt all I need plus more. Really good, will definitely do another course with Stephen. The practical driving was really beneficial.

Wendell H / April 2021

Great Course !!!

What a way to learn basic 4WD fundamentals. Steve was very knowledgable and explained things very well. Great knowledge also on vehicles and explaining features.

David R / April 2021

Exciting, fun and safe

Patricia S / March 2021

Learnt heaps. A wealth of information run by a consummate professional.

Joel W / March 2021

Very good course highly recommended

Well constructed moving from theory to practice and reinforcing the key points. Good practice on paddock side and then into practice on the bush tracks.

Leonie B / Feb 2021


Practical and enjoyable. Very informative.

Frank O / Jan 2021

Fabulous Course

Clearly delivered, so much detail given to cover so many possibilities. Excited about gaining confidence in the vehicles potential and my capabilities. Also covered so many safety aspects. Thank you for a well delivered course.

Glenda H / Jan 2021

Exceeded Expectations

Lots to learn and a fun way to learn.

Gale C

Definately good stuff

Will do another one or two – recovery or sand and will recommend friends and family.

Jamie U / November 2021

This was so informative. We were given the confidence to go out and tackle Aussie tracks. We appreciated the knowledge and clever tips along the way. So Fun! Thanks so much!

Cassie S / July 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Stephen is extremely professional, practical and informative. I would highly recommend Stephen to my family, friends and collegues.

Grant M / June 21

Stephen was an excellent trainer and his course was invaluable.We feel much better prepared and far more confident for our own trip to NT, Simpson Desert and whatever we encounter.

Maxine B / May 2021

A Fantastic Course Thoroughly Recommend It

Covering basics theory, know your own vehicle, practical experience. Steve is an excellent knowledgable and patient instructor.

Karin C / May 2021

Very worthwhile , Learnt Heaps

Susan & Bill / 4 May 2021

Very interesting and relevant to what I needed.Trainer was very experienced and knowledgeable.

Thomas L / April 2021

10 out of 10

Bloddy Stephen back at it again with the amazing adventures! So much amazing information.

Shari D / April 2021

Fun Fun Fun

Interesting and informative

Veronica M / March 2021

Excellent course with sufficient theory to make sense. Practical was very good as a confidence builder. This gives me the enthusiasm for more experience.

Geoff B / March 2021

Fantastic full featured course

Got a lot more out of it than I thought I would. Thank you.

Carol Y / Feb 2021

Really appreciate the confidence knowing how the vehicle works – and looking at tracks with a different eye.

Gail M / Jan 2021

Stephen was so knowledgable and approachable. Learnt a lot and it is encouraging to know that the vehicle we purchased will fit our purposes, its up t us to use it appropriately.

Janet T / Jan 2021

A great experience and very worthwhile.

John S / November 2021

Very Good

Professional, friendly and very informative.

Tiffany M / November 2021

Was a great Introduction Course, lots to do and learn.

Ashley R / July 2021

This course was fantastic, personalised and practical and gave me confidence as a beginner. Thank you!

Michelle K / June 21

Very enjoyable day

Would recommend to anyone with a 4×4 vehicle who wants to use and enjoy it. Thanks Stephen Well Done

Gerry W / June 21

Great fun and very informative

We now have the confidence to hit the dirt!

Duncan Mc / May 2021


Very informative, knowledgable instructor. Quality Instruction, great confidence building.

Gavin C / May 2021
We really did have a fabulous day and thank you wholeheartedly for the generous knowledge, time, care and great instruction you shared with us, it is great to know there are still good teachers around who are happy to part with knowledge gained over the years!
We felt completely at ease, and to be honest never really out of our comfort zone because you offered such common sense well advised instruction.  We look forward to your sand driving course, and thank you for the valuable pointers as to which safety equipment to acquire, and take on long journeys with us!
Thank you again
Mandy and Jeremy / April 2021

Excellent Instructor

Explained everything in detail and was able to dumb it down too.

Louise B / March 2021

Great Experience!

Most valuable to me was learning how to keep moving.

Darryl C / March 2021

Knowledge that will last a lifetime

I’ve been lucky enough to do the 4WD Intro Course today and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! Stephen’s knowledge is invaluable. He has explained everything so well and made sure I felt comfortable with every challenge. I can’t wait to do the Sand Driving course.

Issy S / Feb 2021

This course was very informative and enjoyable. I learnt a lo about my vehicle and 4WD skills. Thank you Stephen!!

David T / Jan 2021

Stephen is a fantastic teacher

The course is exactly what I wanted. We learnt a lot with great information. AWESOME

Lance W / Jan 2021