Sand Driving Course Reviews

Great educational day out. Thanks so much Stephen!

Guy T / May 2022

Highly recommend it

Very good day, very informative, highly recommend it.

Soren N / May 2022

Loved the Course!

Gained heaps of confidence and learned all about my car and its capabilities. Thanks Steve

Leigh M / December 2021

Thank you, had a great day and learned a lot.

Connor L / May 2022

Great time and helped stay confident in this unfamiliar terrain.

Dan F / May 2022

Excellent introduction to 4wd driving in sand

A great confidence builder and heaps of really good tips. Thanks Steve

Glenn P / December 2021

Learnt a few tips I wasn’t aware of.

Mick G / May 2022

Thanks again Stephen

Todays course built on foundation 4WD Introductory course. I felt more confident in navigating through gear changes and soft sand. Great practical instruction with focus on safety and sense.

Liz F / May 2022

Loved it

Learnt very useful techniques.

Michael G / December 2021

Very Comprehensive Course

A great learning experience. Thank you for a truely excellent day on the 4WD Sand courses. You covered everything in detail with clear practical examples.
Your knowledge and experience in this field is outstanding.
Ian Mackenzie / July 2021

Stephen certainly didn’t disappoint!

Second course I’ve been on with Stephen. Learnt so many handy tips to get out of any, more importantly get into any difficult situations.

Great day on the beach. Thanks again Stephen!

Keith M / July 2021


We completed the Sand Driving course and it was excellent. Stephen is extremely knowledgeable and imparted excellent instruction as well as great hints and tips. Left the course confident in what to do out on the sand and the vehicle capability which i would not have gained just teaching myself.

Scott Brodrick

Great Course

It has given me the confidence to drive on a variety of sandy conditions.

Dan W / September 2021

I fully endorse Steve of XDrive for all your 4WD Training!!!

As always Steve provided a very information and comprehensive course that gave us the confidence to go off road in any situation.

I would suggest that you do the basic 4WD course so owners know what their vehicles are capable of.

David R / May 2021

Exceptional Course well worth it!

Stephen’s vast experience and his willingness to share it in a practical manner made this an exceptional course and well worth it!

Mark C Y / May 2021

Gave me the confidence of driving on sand and the ability to understand the car, when to stop and rethink ‘What can I do”.

Jane B / November 2021

This course has given me the confidence to trust my partners driving on the beach. Fun and informative!

Fiona L / October 2021

Stephen was professional and well prepared and efficient.
I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen to my family and colleagues.

Grant M / July 2021

The Best Day Ever!  10 STARS

So much useful and easy information gained! I feel so confident on the sand now!!

Shari D / March 2021

Very informative, fun, very thorough and extra health safety and practical tips.

Patricia S / March 2021

Another excellent experience, thank you. Always learn something new. Fraser

Fraser M / March 2021

An Excellent Day

Steve was so knowledgeable, would highly recommend this course.

Scott B / October 2020

It was a great introduction to sand driving and Steven answered all the questions.  Thanks Steven

Stefan L / October 2020

Amazing as anticipated!

Thanks for all your wisdom!

A Torr / October 2020

Really helped me overcome a lot of my anxiety. I now have faith in my own and my car’s ability.

Ella C / October 2020

enjoyed the hands-on side of the course and the discussions throughout the course.

Peter B

Everything was thoroughly explained before being asked to go ahead on the course track, including how and why things may go wrong, as well as alternatives to do the same thing in a different scenario. The course was absolutely excellent. We couldn’t ask for more. We actually gained even more than expected.  Thank you so much for taking us out at such short notice. We’ll take it slow and hopefully do you proud!

Rowena S

Was a great day and learnt a lot – THANKS

Belinda B / November 2021

Very Knowledgable!

Had a great time whilst learning a lot about my vehicle.

Jonathan W / October 2021

As usual – AWESOME learning experience. Thanks Steven

Carol Y / March 2021

My nervousness disappeared with a patient trainer. Thanks

Linda P / March 2021

Highly Recommended

Great course, conducted in beautiful location and very practical and insightful.

Frank O'T / March 2021


Many little tips that will make a huge difference.

Mark O / October 2020

Always approachable and friendly. Always helpful and patient.

Ed H / October 2020

Loved it!

Nothing like hands on experience. Stephen is so so knowledgeable and helpful!

Kathryn G / October 2020

Great Experience


Lisa L / October 2020

Enjoyed learning recovery techniques, trainer was good.

Thomas N

Very practical and solution focused course – Dennis G

Lots of practical experience. Stephen gave a lot of tips. Useful to learn recovery. Mark M

Thanks for a wonderful day Stephen. It was fantastic, no improvement needed. Jeremy P

Very clear instruction for soft sand driving and tips and techniques for all the different vehicles. Steve W

Well worth doing

Great day out, achieved all I wanted to learn, well worth doing.

Wendell H / May 2021

An informative and as much fun as the Intro Course.

Jeremy L / April 2021

Excellent training

Combination of practical and theory. Thanks Stephen

Leonie B / March 2021

Stephen was a fantastic trainer, very knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions and had plenty of good 4WD tips. Will recommend this course to family and friends.

Casey W / March 2021

Really helped my confidence!

Thank you! I really enjoyed the recovery and going up and down the hills. I also learnt some great tips on high and low crossing on sand.

Charlotte Mc / November 2020

I learnt many new things and feel much more comfortable driving on sand.

Alex M / October 2020

Great Fun

Good to have advice tailored for the vehicle I am driving.

Alex R / October 2020


Nina P / October 2020

Lots of practical experience. Stephen gave a lot of tips. It was useful to learn recovery techniques.

Mark M

Great confidence builder. Plenty of practice of the skills, introduced in a gradual way. I was doing things at the end of the day that I wouldn’t have been contemplating at the start.

Chris B

Total advise on how to handle sand driving with practical examples of getting unstuck. Evan S

Extensive sharing of knowledge and practical application by trainer. Phil S