XDrive launches the XDrive Fleet Online Driver Training Program

Australia’s First Choice for Fleet and Driver Risk Evaluation/Assessment

November 03, 2015 at 11.00am Eastern Standard Time

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alert Driving, the global leader in driver risk management, today announced a key new partnership in Australia that will extend its solutions to smaller fleets across the country—and also help one enterprising driving instructor (and full-time adventurer) launch a brand new business!

Since FleetDefenseSM hosts on a completely web-based, LMS-interoperable platform, XDrive can shape personalized programs around violations and accidents to target the causes.

From the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia to the remote, lush African Savannah, XDrive Advanced Driver Training founder Stephen Haughey, has trained drivers literally everywhere. At high altitudes, in snow and ice, and even in war-torn countries. Stephen’s company XDrive developed the TAD driver education system (short for “Think Different, Act Different, Drive Different”), which is proven to help drivers adapt and adjust quickly in unpredictable, sometimes chaotic, environments. On the road, as fleet managers know, the complexion of occupational risks can change in seconds. Virtually no controls exist to eliminate occupational hazards when the workplace is, in essence, a shared public space. At best, businesses can only mitigate the dangers created by other motorists, conditions, or even employees themselves.

For this reason, XDrive and their TAD system emphasises mental preparedness in the myriad risks drivers face both within a driver’s control, and beyond it— with an extensive curriculum of hands-on, practical safer driving courses. XDrive can also customize programs to meet specific business needs, including programs which, using AlertDriving’s powerful FleetDefenseSM solution, can apply specific metrics to track progress through consistent, behaviour-based testing.

“Training the way the brain learns best, FleetDefenseSM tests early, often, and on specific road risks—using the best scientific research available—to give fleets very detailed, deep-dive metrics about a driver’s skills, competency, and risk perceptions,” explains Rob Martin, Vice President of Sales at AlertDriving. “And since FleetDefenseSM hosts on a completely web-based, LMS-interoperable platform, XDrive can shape personalised programs around violations and accidents to target the causes,” explains Rob Martin, Vice President of Sales.

Armed with FleetDefenseSM, XDrive—under its new XDrive Fleet eTraining banner—will have the industry’s most advanced, enterprise-class tool to launch targeted driver safety improvement programs in Australia, Africa, and anywhere else in-between.

Learn how XDrive provides risk-based driver development, both online and practical, to help employees implement proactive safer driving techniques, ensure they’re equipped to drive their vehicles, and follow Health and Safety objectives.


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