XDrive has undertaken Driver Training Courses in Africa, Australia, USA and China. 

Our dedication is to driver safety and environment responsibility

XDrive is available to work anywhere in the world. We undertake training for companies involved in oil, gas and mining exploration, charities and humanitarian aid agencies, military, emergency services and more.  Read about our High Risk Driver Training Courses and what we can do for you.

professional friendly up to date 4wd training Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

XDrive international driver training groupStephen Haughey is a certified I4WDTA Instructor located in Queensland Australia

Our mission is to promote environmentally responsible, safe and skilled 4WD use by certifying 4WD Instructors that have a proven ability to transfer knowledge and skills to 4WD users through the most up to date training curriculum.

I4WDTA has members throughout the world allowing members to benefit from other certified trainers that have expertise with different vehicles, different terrain types, etc. The I4WDTA members have demonstrated both the professional knowledge and training standards needed to become certified by passing stringent written and practical examinations.       

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