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Land Rover Course Reviews

XDrive Land Rover Course Reviews

Ashok N ~ Steven has the skills, is organised / prepared and is able to teach competently.

Del K ~ Great training and mix of practical and explanations with real hill opportunity. Very knowledgable trainer

Mark A ~ Stephen was a great trainer and encouraged my wife to try and get some confidence. The course was just right.

Helena A ~ Best aspect of this course was knowing the vehicles capabilities and understanding what to do in each scenario, very well done.

Christine S ~ Putting the information into use ie. Four wheel driving made the course worthwhile. Great!

Barry S ~ Improvement of my ability as a driver and advised the ability of the car. Great!

Jennifer W ~ I found building my skills and practical application the best part of this course, besides it was lots of fun

David B ~ I would never have believed my vehicle could do the hill climb. Great finding out how capable the Freelander II really is.

Carole B ~ Steve was really clear with his instructions. Everything made sense. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Jan V ~ Enjoyed learning how to really execute the things which was taught and try them out. Pleasant and clear explanations.