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Dedicated Land Rover Course

This course is an in-depth Land Rover training day and is NOTHING like the Free Land Rover Experience course that may be offered to you by your dealership. Although you will enjoy the day, this is a serious training day. If you want to enjoy your Land Rover like you should, contact us or register your interest.

Whether you have just purchased a Land Rover or owned one for years, take advantage of our experience with this in-depth off-road driving course dedicated to showing you all there is to show you about your Land Rover. We offer a very intensive course that you will not experience from anyone else. This Land Rover Driving Day is guaranteed to teach you about your vehicle and about your own capabilities.

Land Rover 4wd courses in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Learn from a Trainer that has been certified in Australasia by the International 4WD Trainers Association. This Master Tread Trainer for Tread Lightly will guide you through the day and over all obstacles with professionalism and patience.

The course will be limited to a minimum of 2 participants or a maximum of 10 participants  to ensure individual attention.

Participants will be instructed in their own Land Rover or Range Rover vehicles in order to gain confidence in their ability and to understand the capability of their vehicles. Our Instructors are all highly experienced in Four Wheel Driving and are also highly valued for their ability to communicate effectively to the participants.  Chief instructor, Stephen Haughey, has over thirty years experience driving Four Wheel Drive vehicles, in the wilds of Africa, to the deserts of Australia.

This course is conducted on private property, with purpose built and natural obstacles.After completing this course, you will be on the first step to undertake your own adventures.

Brief Course Outline

  • Basic Four Wheel Drive systems
  • When to engage Four Wheel Drive
  • Approach, Departure and Ramp Over Angles
  • Advanced techniques like stall recovery
  • Discuss vehicle recovery methods, Trip Planning and Tyres
  • Correct seating and steering positions
  • How to safely negotiate steep hills and descents
  • How to negotiate broken and uneven ground
  • How to safely recover a vehicle.
  • Receive a Certificate of completion


Course Length ~ Full Day with 1 hour free time (lunch break)

Participants ~ Minimum 2 Participants – Maximum 10 vehicles

Venue ~ Private 4WD track in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Weather ~ Course is not normally affected by weather.

Dress Code ~ Enclosed footwear is essential. This is an outdoor activity, please dress for the weather conditions and ensure you have adequate sun and/or rain protection.

Food ~ Bring your own lunch – water will be provided by XDrive throughout the day.