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Online Driver Training

Corporate Online Driver Training

XDrive Fleet e-Training (Corporate Online Driver Training) delivers market leading, driver evaluation and education programs. As a result, these programs give the corporate world an alternative to regular fleet driver training.

If you have access to a computer, then you have access to the program.

The program is Online and Self-Paced with unlimited access

Online Driver Training for Corporates

Under the Australian Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers have a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to protect employees from unnecessary risk or harm.

The program consists of two modules:

  1. Risk Evaluation
  2. Education

The modules are first-rate. Fleet operators, leading international road-safety practitioners and academics have participated in putting the modules together.

XDrive provides measurable value to clients by delivering focused driver risk evaluation, education, training and monitoring programs. Reducing financial risk is a factor. Improve Occupational Health and Safety adherance as well as energy efficiency objectives over long-term operations.

Program Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Reduce Driver Risk as a result driver education and safety will improve
  • Identify and implement proactive defensive driving techniques consequently fuel usage may be reduced
  • Ensure drivers are properly equipped to drive their vehicles therefore reducing crash rates.
  • Improve adherence to Health and Safety objectives

Typical bottom-line savings include:

  1. Reducing Fuel usage
  2. Reduced crash rates
  3. Asset Insurance premiums are decreased
  4. Support for your health, safety and environmental programs
  5. Minimised productivity loss associated with crashes
Online Fleet Driver Training

It is a well known fact that getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is one of the most dangerous activities an employee will undertake in the workplace. Implement clear policies and a comprehensive Driver Evaluation Program, these risks can be considerably reduced.

Graph for online driver training savings

XDrive Fleet e-Training offers Driver Evaluation and Training programs that make complying with the Australian Health and Safety requirements easy, improves driver safety and awareness, reduces fuel consumption and offers your company the opportunity to significantly reduce costs and financial risks.

This corporate online driver training program is designed to

Provide an employer with visibility of skills, competency and attitudes of their drivers.

  1. Create a formal program of targeted driver safety improvement.
  2. Provide risk-based driver developmet, both online and practical
  3. Allow employees to complete the training at their own pace.
  4. Once enrolled, each participant has 12 months unlimited access.
  5. There are up to 24 driver training modules available.

Objectives and Outcomes

  1. Reduce Driver Risk and Improve driver Education and Safety
  2. Identify and implement pro-active defensive driving techniques
  3. Ensure drivers are properly equipped to drive their vehicles
  4. Improve adherence to Health and Safety objectives

Modules include

  1. Behavior
  2. Attitude
  3. Hazard Awareness
  4. Theory
  5. Driver Knowledge

Our Corporate Online Driver Training (e-training) program utilizes evaluation and education modules, consequently we identify and mitigate a driver’s crash risk.

The online evaluation takes approximately 30 minutes per module to complete.  Once complete the system calibrates the driver’s score based on 6 core competencies and automatically allocates modules based on each driver’s deficiencies.

These modules can be completed every three weeks depending on the number of modules prescribed. A quarterly report is sent to individual drivers as well as their managers. This demonstrates progress throughout the course as well as a Risk Rating.

All the online programs have been developed in conjunction with leading international road safety practitioners and academics as well as fleet operators and all programs are based on Australian conditions.

The online program can further be supplemented with individual driver training.

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