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Puncture Repair Kit

Be prepared and road ready with our Tyre Puncture Repair Kit by your side.

Good practice is to check your tyres before setting off on a journey, especially true for those people headed off-road or on an off-road adventure holiday. Even if your spare wheel is difficult to access, check it too!

21 Piece Kit consists of:

  • 2x Allen Keys
  • 1x Solid Lubricating Oil
  • 1x Moulded Carry Case
  • 1x Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy T Handle Needle
  • 1x Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy T Handle Spiral File
  • 15x Pieces 20cm cold mending rubber string

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Only use a Tyre Puncture Repair Kit on tubeless type tyres. It is important that you should never attempt to repair a tyre that shows signs of internal or external structural damage, for example, a bulging sidewall, cracks, exposed belts, ply separation etc.

Puncture Repair Kit 21 Pieces

Tips for using your Tyre Puncture Repair Kit
  1. Always ensure that your spare tyre is inflated.  To ensure this, make sure you purchase the Eezityre Tyre Snake. The Tyre Snake ensures easy access to your spare wheel, enabling you to check the tyre pressure with ease.
  2. When you remove the offending object that caused your puncture, try to remember the direction in which you removed this object.
  3. If your tyre is completely flat, inflate it, as this will help with the process of using the T Handle Spiral File (awl) and inserting the cord.  The tyre will retain its shape and will be less likely to “fold in” on you when inserting the T Handle Spiral File (awl) into the hole.
  4. The T Handle Spiral File is not a “file” as such and must not be used as one.  The tool is designed to separate the cords in the tyre ply and make the puncture hole a uniform size as well as ensuring that the cord does not get caught up in the little strands of wire in the tyre.
  5. Always use the full length of cord in your kit.  This will ensure that the puncture hole is fully sealed the first time.  Trying to save your cord by cutting it in half will give you a half repaired puncture.  It is false economy and we suggest that you do not do it.
  6. If the puncture hole is excessively large, use more than one cord to repair the hole if necessary.  The process is exactly the same, the second or third cord is inserted into the hole next to the first cord.
  7. If you have purchased our Spare Air Kit, you may use this to re-inflate your tyre.

Eezityre Tyre Repair Kit Instructions Download pdf