Be prepared and Road Ready

With our Tyre Puncture Repair Kit by your side.

Puncture Repair KitGood practice is to check your tyres before setting off on a journey, especially true for those people headed off-road or on an off-road adventure holiday. Even if your spare wheel is difficult to access, check it too!

Only use a Tyre Puncture Repair Kit on tubeless type tyres. It is important that you should never attempt to repair a tyre that shows signs of internal or external structural damage, for example, a bulging sidewall, cracks, exposed belts, ply separation etc.

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TYRE REPAIR FITTING INSTRUCTIONS are available with your purchase.

Please contact XDrive to request a link to the FITTING INSTRUCTIONS once your purchase has been made.

21 Piece Kit

2x Allen Keys

1x Solid Lubricating Oil

1x Moulded Carry Case

1x Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy T Handle Needle

1x Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy T Handle Spiral File

15x Pieces 20cm cold mending rubber string