Safer Driving Course Reviews

Stephen was great. I thoroughly recommend this course. Best aspects of this course were identifying bad habits and working on realistic solutions, learning new skills and setting car up correctly, things I can implement, great to keep me alive.


The course gave practical advice and observation. PowerPoint presentation was good too.

Lili H

Best parts of this course were the offering of different perspectives on driving and safety and having a wll qualified and knowledgable instructor. No improvements necessary.

Francarlo R


The Course covered a broad range of material aimed at promoting safe driving and road use.

Shelley N / 2023

Best aspects of this Safer Driving Course were the practical and theory examples. I really enjoyed this course and have no constructive criticism.

Taryn M

Best aspects were learning information that I did not know previously. Was very useful.

Demi K

Very personalised and in depth course.

Brigida C

This course was really involved.

Shania H

Best aspect was ‘one on one’ driving instruction.

Phoebe S

Enjoyed the driving and being instructed clearly.

Hannah S

All queries were explained and talking all the way through the slides.

Kasey V