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Snatch Straps

The Responsibilities of Owning and Using a Snatch Strap

Snatch Strap recovery demonstration at XDrive 4wd recovery course


“Take your time to assess the situation”

If you decide to use a snatch strap for recovery, first and foremost, make sure that all bystanders (this includes your passengers in your vehicle) are at least one and a half times the outstretched length of your snatch strap away (in all directions) from the vehicle.

This is of the utmost importance when your audience comprises of children and photographers!

I have often seen parents standing well back from a vehicle recovery and to my amazement their kids are watching from a dangerously close distance.

Remember, accidents happen in a flash of a second and when a snatch strap is involved, the level of danger to bystanders is intensified tenfold.  Death and serious injuries have occurred to bystanders innocently watching a snatch recovery.

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