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Tyre Valve Air Extension – Spare Air

Tyre Valve Air Extension Kit is a definite “must” when going travelling, especially if you are intending to go off-road in muddy or dusty conditions.


Tyre Valve Air Extension KitBlowing dust and seeds out of your Radiator, hot Exhaust, Air Filter and mud from the under carriage of a vehicle.

Inflating and RESEATING the bead of your tyre

Cleaning interiors of caravans, camper vans, ground sheets etc

Compatible with Eezityre Tyre Snakes

Tyre Valve Air Extension attached to tyre valveSpare wheels all hold spare air and tyres hold spare air and now with the Tyre Valve Air Extension Kit (Spare Air) you can utilise your spare air to undertake all sorts of functions.  

Use your Spare Air Kit on a daily basis or when you are away on holiday trips, especially in desert, sandy and muddy areas that so many of us Australians love to visit.  

Perfectly suitable for caravan owners, Utes, camper vans, 4×4 vehicles, autos, trucks and trailers.  In fact the Spare Air Kit accommodates any vehicle.

Spare Air 5 Piece Tyre Valve Air Extension Kit in bagThis kit consists of:

1x 5m Rubber Hose
1x Quick release connector
1x Blow Gun
1x Tyre Chuck
Strong storage bag

Completely compatible with the Eezityre Tyre Snake         

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DOWNLOAD Spare Air Instructions below

Eezityre Spare Air Instructions