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Tyre Pressure Caps

Tyre Pressure Caps


What’s really brilliant about these caps is that unlike other products of this sort, these black plastic caps fit a range of pressures between 20psi and 42psi. They will therefore fit all tyres that fit into this range.

These tyre pressure caps have a transparent window making it really easy for your to see that your tyre has lost its pressure.

The transparent window shows a green and red indicator. The red indicator pops up above the green indicator if the tyre has lost any pressure. The reason for the loss of pressure should be investigated as soon as possible as there may be a slow puncture

4x Tyre Pressure Caps

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Inflate all tyres to Tyre Manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure.
Remove existing valve cap. Ensure the valve threads are clean and free from damage.
Screw the visual tyre pressure cap onto the valve – FINGER TIGHT ONLY do not over tighten!
After installation check the transparent window to make sure the indicator is GREEN.

If not, recheck the tyre pressure and re-seat the visual tyre pressure cap again and check that the GREEN indicator is showing.

DOWNLOAD fitting instructions below

Eezityre Cap Instructions PDF


NEVER OVER TIGHTEN Your Visual Tyre Pressure Caps!

Caps are a visual indicator only and should not be solely relied on to indicate tyre pressure loss. All tyre pressures should be checked on a regular basis.

Clever little caps that tell you that your wheel has lost pressure.