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Tyre Snake

Exclusively designed and Manufactured by Eezityre

The Eezityre Tyre Snake has been uniquely designed to accommodate easy installation with no mechanical knowledge or special tools required to fit the Tyre Snake.

  • NO SPECIAL TOOLS needed for installation
  • EASY TO CHECK your spare tyre
  • 1000mm LONG
  • METAL for 4WD’s, Trucks, Mobile Homes etc


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$35.00 excl GSTAdd to cart

What is a Tyre Snake?

This little beauty will save you valuable time and effort. 

The 1000mm Tyre Snake stays permanently attached to your spare tyre. 

Now you can check the tyre pressure of your spare tyre anywhere any time and you will always be assured that your spare tyre will not let you down when you need it most. 


Well with the Tyre Snake, you have no excuse not to check your spare tyre, make sure it is inflated to the correct pressure and know for certain that if you get a puncture, your spare will be ready and waiting for you to use.


Why do I need a Tyre Snake?

When last did you check your spare?      

I hear you say, “well I never get punctures” and most often we don’t. 

It just takes that one time!  Just that once when you are in an out of the way place, too far from a service station, don’t have your puncture repair kit handy, or your puncture is too bad that you can’t fix it and you need to change your tyre. 

Then you pull out your spare and guess what?  Your spare is flat!  Yeah that happens time and time again.  So, now you will always have a spare tyre you can count on.

It doesn’t take much to be assured, and it’s easy to own a Tyre Snake.

Types of Eezityre Tyre Snakes

The Tyre Snake has been carefully designed to offer the best advantage to the sedan market as well as the outdoor enthusiast and even truckies.  

The rubber tyre snake is a product suitable to the sedan driver. 

The metal tyre snake for 4wd’s; caravans; trailers; trucks etc.


Tyre Snake fitting instructions below

Tyre Snake Fitting Instructions

Placing your Eezityre Tyre Snake