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National Accredited Courses

Depending on the driver training course being conducted, our trainers will cover all relevant course matter required. The theory presented is interesting and we guarantee it will keep you awake!

The practical component is “hands-on” in your vehicle.  In most cases you will have a brief on vehicle maintenance, seating positions and steering techniques which will then take you to viewing the course you are about to drive on in order that you understanding what is expected of you.  The trainer will answer any questions.

Accredited Courses We Offer

RIVEH201D – Operate light vehicle

RIIVEH305E – Operate and Maintain a four wheel drive vehicle

PMASUP236B – Operate vehicles in the field

TLIC107C – Drive vehicle

TLIC3607B – Apply Safe Driving behaviour

TDTB497 – Vehicle inspection

SISODRV404A – Drive a 4WD vehicle in difficult terrain

SISODRV405 – Coordinate recovery of 4WD

SRODRVOO3B – Coordinate recovery of 4WD using advanced techniques

TDTC2501A – Operate 4WD Vehicles

FWPCOT3259 – Operate 4WD vehicles on unsealed roads

FWPCOT3260 – Recover 4WD vehicles

FWPFGM3215 – Perform complex 4WD operations

If you don’t find the course you are looking for, please contact us.

Note: RTO Services are provided by Queensland Training & Development. RTO 32238

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Corporate driver training

201 & 305 Trianing  –  Excellent Trainer, full of knowledge which will help me in the future during 4×4 driving.  Gary W / 2023

201 & 305 Training – Fun and knowledgeable trainer. Highly regard him and his training. Dave H / 2023

201 & 305 Training – Very good and knowledgeable trainer. Thank you. I very much enjoyed my day. Paul H / 2023