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National Accredited Courses

We can offer the following nationally recognised courses for both Defensive Driving and Four Wheel Drive Courses. These courses are used in the Mining/Oil and Gas Industry Four Wheel Drive Training.

RIVEH 201B – Operate Light Vehicle (Defensive Driving)

RIIVEH 305A – Operate and Maintain a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

PMASUP 236B – Operate vehicles in the field

RTO Services are provided by Billabong Off Road Training Centre Pty Ltd. RTO 3212B

In Australia alone the road toll is far too high. While our vehicles are becoming more and more sophisticated and safer, our driving skills are not being updated.

Once we have our driving licence we assume we know it all. Well you don’t! Believe us when we say that our clients are often shocked when they learn just how little they really know about their vehicle as well as their own reaction time and skill in avoiding an unexpected situation on the road.

We believe that with knowledge and training critical mistakes that occur by inexperienced drivers, (no matter how old you are or how long you have been driving a vehicle) in certain situations incidents occur very quickly. Learning to control your vehicle and preparing yourself for these situations can lower these accident statistics.

Our courses consist of both theoretical and practical techniques.

This allows us to cover a wide range of training to enhance safety and offer individuals a unique opportunity to experience emergency situations sitting right behind their own steering wheel.


XDrive delivers a theoretical Power Point presentation.  Depending on the driver training course we are undertaking the theory presented by our trainers will cover all course matter relevant to the course being conducted on the day.  The theory presented is interesting and we guarantee it will keep you awake!


The practical component is “hands-on” in your vehicle.  In most cases you will have a brief on vehicle maintenance, seating positions and steering techniques which will then take you to viewing the course you are about to drive on, understanding what is expected of you and the trainer will be available to answer any questions.